Building a secure Web App with Django

Developing web applications is a complicated and time-intensive job, but in the business world time is a luxury. Getting all requirements covered - like login and session management, scalability, database integration, and security - can quickly balloon out of control and make for quite a lot of code, incurring further costs in testing, bug fixing, and maintenance. This is where web development frameworks like Django, Rails, and ASP.NET MVC come in.

Today there are really quite a lot of web frameworks to choose from for each of the most popular high-level programming languages, all offering varying levels of abstraction and features ready-to-go “out of the box.” For Python, Flask, Pyramid, and Django are a few popular frameworks, while Rails has become the premier framework for the Ruby community. Any of these can be a perfectly good choice depending on the requirements for your application and your particular business context.

Due to its solid scalability, security, and advanced features, Django is currently the top contender both for large enterprise-scale web applications, and for smaller companies that need to deploy an application quickly. One of the main advantages Django offers is speed of development, with many common features already implemented and ready to go - providing a higher level of abstraction to your development process - which ultimately allows you to write less code and get things done faster.

In this respect, Django offers a host of advantages over other Python frameworks. It comes with its own native ORM (Object Relational Mapper), great built-in security features, truly convenient URL management, places a high priority on modularity and reusability, and has a huge, dynamic open-source community and fantastic documentation. Django really is a mature framework with proven reliability and effectiveness for large scale web applications - including Instagram, Disqus, and Pinterest. Given our great experience with Django, we decided to contribute to the Django Software Foundation, and help make Django even better.

We’ve used Django, and other web-development frameworks at Datamart (especially Rails) to great effect. We’ll help you consider your needs and requirements to choose the best framework for your project - if Django turns out to be the right choice, we have the expertise to implement an application you can rely on.

Click below to learn more about how we helped a client in the healthcare industry build a major web application with Django:

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