Rapid Development with Ruby on Rails

Several posts back we discussed some of our work with Django - mentioning Rails offhand. While Django is certainly the premier web development framework for Python, and one of the most reliable and fully featured MVC frameworks out there, it’s certainly not the only viable choice.

As full-stack developers, we have to be ready to work with all kinds of technologies to meet our clients’ often complex needs. Rails, based in Ruby, is a fantastic MVC framework for web development, and we’ve enjoyed some solid successes developing applications with Rails.

Rails presents several clear advantages for smaller applications and start-ups. Development with Rails can be shockingly rapid, allowing functional apps to be produced and deployed with significantly less effort than might be required with other frameworks like .NET or Django.

At Datamart, we’ve found Rails to be great for building internal CMS and CRM applications for smaller companies, or demonstrating proof-of-concepts for more complex web apps. In such use cases, Rails allows us to quickly and effectively build and deploy working applications that make an immediate and tangible impact on our clients’ businesses.

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