Datamart Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Being in Business

Palo Alto, California, June 30, 2021 – Datamart family celebrates our moment of rejoice as we complete 10 years of successful journey in serving the community with empowering tools and software solutions. As the years have passed, we have only grown stronger and better in terms of our delivery and commitment towards the company goals.

Soon we realized that there is a growing demand and opportunity to serve the needs of people in the most user-friendly way and hence the founders began expanding their years of experience through 3 streams – technical consulting, software engineering and staff augmentation services. Over the past 10 years Datamart has expanded over 4 countries and acquired 4 companies to break all boundaries and achieve higher milestones every year.

The idea that began with only 2 people coming together to make a change, has today grown into a big family working towards a single goal. We have also been able to maintain partnerships with some of the world’s most popular giants and we cannot be happier to have them be a part of our journey. For now, we are stronger than ever, and we are here only because of the faith of our trusted partners. We take our special day and share all the celebrations with you all.

The photo above shows the first Datamart office in California (Foster City). This little office brings great value to the company because that is where many of the essential ideas were created. Brainstorming, meetings, phone calls, and numerous other activities were a part of the experience of working there.