Particles Web Analytics Software

Particles Web Analytics Software: Real time decision making based on real time analytics

Online marketing is a core part of any marketing strategy - effective marketing depends on good web analytics.


In order to optimize sales online, it is essential to gather information about innumerous packets of web traffic constantly moving invisibly at lightning speed all around the world and most crucially, make sense of it all.

To that end, we were asked to create a software solution which could analyze server logs, and create informative visual reports based on the data.

Business Challenge

Despite the very high popularity of existing tools, there are still separate market segments in data analytics due to client-specific requirements for data collection and storage, and the need in key industries for tools that work on isolated networks.

Our challenge was to create a custom product which could out-compete other leading edge tools available on the market.

Engineered Solution

After careful consideration and a thorough investigation of all requirements, the solution was engineered as a 3-layer web application based on a customized version of our own analytical engine.

  • Processing Layer - We used our own analytical engine with additional improvements and features to meet the customer’s unique requirements and performance expectations.
  • Data Layer - To access processed data very quickly, we developed our own stripped-down NoSQL database to provide extremely high performance.
  • Reporting Layer - Processed and aggregated data is displayed with a user friendly UI created with our own charts library. The adaptive design provides a great look and feel on a variety of desktop and mobile browsers.

Value Delivered

In the end, our customers received an extremely powerful analytical tool with the ability to process almost any log format and produce highly sophisticated visual reports on key data. Thanks to our analytical engine and custom database, we were able to provide unbeatable performance. By using our own data visualization library, the project was liberated from licensing and compatibility issues.