Development and Operations

Development and Operations

Our client is a leading U.S. company providing information management services. This company uses a variety of web applications and environments which are serviced by different teams.

Business Challenge

The complexity of client’ systems, coupled with miscommunication and excessive bureaucratic procedures, were leading to development delays incurring significant costs.

As a result of our initial assessment we delivered the client a list of business problems, a detailed gap analysis report, and a list of potential solutions focused on achieving continuous integration.

Project Description

Once we got through the beginning stages of project initialization and planning we arrived at a design based on open source tools for a modular solution to manage networks, servers, and application instances consisting of the following components:

  • Configuration management tool
  • Monitoring tool
  • Scaling tool
  • Instruments for working with cloud APIs

Value Delivered

Datamart successfully delivered a new, ready-to-use platform management system with all of the required features and capabilities. Implementation of our system allowed the operations team to be reduced by two thirds, time-to-market was reduced from 14 days to two hours, and costs for launching and maintaining development and testing environments were greatly reduced.