Automated testing

Automated Testing

Our client is a leading provider of SaaS products for marketing departments of Fortune 500 companies.

Faced with the task of developing a large-scale SaaS web application for our client and their complex and frequent releases, we knew we would need to utilize our automated quality control experts. Since the application was an enterprise level solution, with a demanding and complicated release process, manual testing efforts were consuming excessive resources and hampering development velocity.

In order to resolve the stated business challenge, Datamart chose to use Selenium Framework to create an automated regression test suite, allowing the friction between testing and deploying changes to the product environment to be greatly reduced.

Solution Components

We implemented the following components:

  1. Automated Test Suite: the final test suite consisted of 2000 test cases, including 350 smoke tests and 1650 regression tests natively written in Selenium.
  2. Selenium GRID for:
    • Scaling by distributing tests on several machines (parallel execution).
    • Managing multiple environments from a central point, making it easy to run the tests against a vast combination of browsers and operating systems.
    • Minimizing the maintenance time for the grid by allowing custom hooks to be implemented in order to leverage virtual infrastructure.
  3. Continuous Integration: automated tests were included with continuous integration in order to provide rapid feedback on the development team’s actions.

Value Delivered

Datamart quality control experts met and exceeded the client’s expectation of thorough, cost effective, and efficient SaaS web application testing, delivering the following business values:

  • High reliability
  • High quality releases to the production environment
  • Facilitated the client’s continuous integration efforts
  • Optimization of testing processes and improved test reliability
  • The final product was delivered under budget due to reduced error-rates and a rapid response to every code commit

With less time and personnel required for testing, test support, and maintenance, we were able to provide more expansive test coverage, while ultimately bringing the product to market under budget and a week ahead of schedule.