Quality Assurance

Our engineers provide Quality Assurance on time and on budget.

When developing a software, everyone Datamart employee knows what to expect when it passes under our QA team’s eyes. Their years of experience allow them to ensure a product’s security and overall quality.

Third-party Reliability

No software operates in a vacuum. Eventually, we can expect that other programs are going to interact with our products. That’s why reliability with third-party products is a priority for our engineers. It might be impossible to guarantee 100% reliability, but they get quite close.

Maximum Quality

When developing our own software, we have complete control over how it acts, unlike third-party products where we can only control reactions. For our own products, the engineers put every aspect to test. We don’t make reliable, we make exceptional.

Automated Testing

When testing out products, there’s always a number of monotonous things to do to ensure. Our automatic testing methods allow us to save time and money by outsourcing this to our own programs, leaving our QA Engineers to focus on other parts of testing.

Manual Testing

When it comes to the more precise aspects of quality control, our engineers don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Every part of the program is double checked to ensure dependability and superiority.

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