Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

When it seems like every company is rushing to find someone to host their data in the cloud, it can be a nightmare finding the right solution for your business. Datamart helps you to find custom Cloud Solutions with a winning, three factor design.


One of the most common concerns we get from clients who are interested in migrating to a cloud based storage system is if it’s safe. We understand that hosting your data somewhere offsite can seem like it’s a security risk, but it’s actually much safer than devoting your own IT resources to doing it. Not only is our team devoted to making sure that your data is available, they ensure it’s available to only you.


We prioritize the accessibility that any 21st century business requires. That’s why our cloud solution for your business’s data allows you to access what you need from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, you’ll be able to stay connected and productive for as long as you need.


When it comes to maintaining your data, staying cost-effective is a crucial component. Getting locked into the same contract that a Fortune 500 company uses can stifle your development. Instead, Datamart provides customizable solutions that work no matter your size. You will have the freedom to grow as much as you need to. It’s the perfect fit for whether you’re a fresh startup or a time-tested industry leader.

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