Best Places to Hire Remote Software Developers

If you’re in the process of recruiting software developers then you should be very familiar with the common problems in finding the right and skilled resources within the freelancer space. This is even worse since most freelancers in the world claim to be the “perfect fit” for your job. Considering even a decade ago, freelancers would be found only within certain sites that listed down their services and skills. Currently the freelance service industry has grown exponentially and multiple platforms are now harboring freelancers from around the globe. While some of these online platforms give opportunities to millions of freelancers willing to get your job done at a low budget, there are few premium platforms that provide high quality services as well. These sites usually maintain a very strict vetting process and are focused to support mainly startups and enterprise clients who have the capability to afford above the market service rates for the best talents.

Now with so many options in hand, the big question still remains unanswered — which place is the best to choose from? Well it all depends on your budget and the role of the engineers you’re seeking to hire. However, due to the eruption of multiple social media platforms across the internet, you can adopt multiple approaches to hire good software engineers:

Technology conferences

This is the best hub to start looking for and networking with some of the best resources in the field. Any conference is filled with brilliant and talented minds who’re energetic and looking for new opportunities in their respective fields. So, visiting a conference and networking with people directly can be a great option to directly interact and hire a skilled software engineer.

Freelancing services website

As mentioned earlier, freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and have a pool and variety of multiple talented freelancers. These sites are the best when you have a project based (or one-time based) work needed to be done and at a low cost. For premium freelance services, however, you can refer to Toptal, Crew, Gun, and Scalable Path. These companies offer quality and top-notch services for a higher price, of course. RemoteOk is yet another website of job boards that contains a large number of digital nomads who work from home and across the globe.

Outsourcing companies in Europe and South-East Asia

There are multiple companies in Europe and Southeast Asian regions who have quite affordable software engineers and are dedicated to working for outsourced projects. European countries like Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland have niche companies that work with off-shore projects throughout the year. While Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have a large volume of developers and software engineers that are more affordable and much reachable. Although the time difference usually gets hectic, but this can be managed through mutual agreements.

Online developers’ communities

GitHub and DEV Community ( are great online communities where developers from around the world share their skills and view on different software projects and works. In case you have a bit of technical knowledge, you can look for projects or works relevant to your interest and get in touch with developers who have built or worked with similar scale or type of projects.

Social media platforms

You might also, if necessary, consider developing a landing page for the position of interest and promote it over social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

These are a few options to explore while hunting for the right remote developer. However, it’s always crucial to screen potential candidates thoroughly to have a clear identification of their hard skills (technical) as well as soft skills (communicational and management) which are absolutely mandatory to get remote support. In case you’re opting to do through premium websites/companies that provide resources to you, you can rest the screening process on them as a part of the overall service.

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